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Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn – to name a few of the ever growing social networks. Now, who hasn’t heard of them? Looking at the way social media is impacting society today, it’s an indisputable fact that social media marketing is potentially the next ingenious marketing strategy yet to create brand awareness for your business online.

What is SMM?

Social Media Marketing, or SMM in short, takes advantage of social networks to get people buzzing about your products/business. Creating a fanpage on Facebook, passing the word around about your latest promotions through Twitter or posting an advertisement on YouTube – the things you can do to advertise your business through social media is endless.

How is SMM going to help you?

First and foremost, the number of people using social media is enough of a reason to start Malaysia Social Media Marketing. Think about it – how many other ways are there where you can reach out and create brand awareness to thousands of people? It’s a precious opportunity and you don’t want to miss out on it!

With the help of social media, you are actually creating an instant connection with your prospects. On the internet, people somehow tend to be more open – that is, they are less likely to dismiss your products/business so easily as compared to when they are approached by your salesmen in reality. It’s unexplainable, but people are easier to convince and a higher level of trust can be gained rather easily if you do it the right way. And as you should know, gaining people’s trust is an asset for your company.

Getting people to like your fanpage on Facebook and to share it with their friends or having a blogger or two writing a positive review about your business – people tend to trust these more than what you write in your advertisements/flyers, no matter how well written or good the content is, simply because again, it’s a people thing.

And when you have successfully created a fanbase, that’s when the best part comes in. People will be raving about your products/business online and there’ll be discussions going on in forums about things like product tips, latest promotions, etc. – it’s practically free publicity for you!

Another thing about social media is that they can be ultimate weapons for Search Engine Optimization too. The more links from social networks to your website, the more traffic driven to it. So, its importance as a tool to help you rank higher in the search engines results pages should not be brushed off.

Why Dot Com Mastermind?

While everyone might be familiar with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn etc., not everyone can actually succeed in Social Media Marketing. It requires a lot of commitment and enthusiasm to maintain your social networks to always ensure that the buzz is not short-lived. Hence, handing the job over to social media professionals like us are always best.

Here at Dot Com Mastermind, we believe that Social Media Marketing is the revolution for online marketing. With much creativity and professionalism, we’re more than happy to help your products/business become the latest rave to hit the social networks and most importantly, never to let the excitement die down.

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