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Everyone has seen an advertisement somewhere that they’ll always remember. Whether it’s a hilarious ad from the television or the eye-captivating ad on the billboards by the road, we can’t deny the importance of advertisements – offline and online. And nowadays, the emphasis on online advertising is increasing on the whole and its basis is none other than Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising.

Google Ads Management Can Be Complicated. The Good News Is, We’re Here To Help You.

What Is PPC??

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Typically, as it’s name implies, Pay Per Click advertisements are ads you pay for ONLY when someone clicks on it. The best advantage about this is that the budget spent on the advertisement campaign is totally under your control as you can specify the maximum amount you intend to pay for each click and also set a daily budget. This means that no clicks = no charges.

You can find PPC ads on the right hand side of a search engine results page (SERP) when a search is done. As you would have noticed, the ads changes accordingly to the keywords/phrases, meaning that the ads are related to whatever the searcher is searching for. This gives you control over the crowd who sees your ads because your ads only appears for the chosen keywords and also the specified geographical location.

One of the major PPC advertising program is Google Ads, which is our specialization. It’s considered the best online ad program, simply because of its extensive Content Network and its Billions of users every day. And not only does it allow you to place your ads in the SERPs, your ads can now be placed on their Search Network like Google Maps and also their Content Network. Imagine the number of people who can see your ads compared to offline/traditional advertising!

Why Google Ads?

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Compared to the other advertising programs like Yahoo! Advertising or Bing Ads (formerly Microsoft adCenter), Google has the most popular and successful advertising program. The reasons are undeniably clear and simple.

Besides being the most used search engine with the largest advertising network, Google Ads provides cheaper and faster ads – from as low as RM0.30/click, your text ads start appearing in less than 10 minutes after set-up! There’s definitely no where else you can advertise at such a low price.

That’s not all – the fact that everything is under your control makes it all the better. Not only can you choose how much you wish to spend for each click, you can also target your audience with the power to choose the keywords/phrases and geographic location and now, you can also be spoilt with choices of the many different ad formats – basic text, image, flash and also rich media (video and gadget) ads! But don’t worry too much on that – leave it to us to make the best decisions for maximum return on investment (ROI).

Furthermore, with elaborate reporting provided by Ads, we are able to track how the campaign is performing – how many times the ad is viewed and clicked – and also measure ROI automatically. Link this with Google Analytics and we can even track the amount of time spent by your visitors on your website and so much more.

Where else can you get free advertisement (if no one clicks on your ad) reaching people all over the world at anytime at such a low cost? Definitely not on television, radio, newspapers or billboards.

How Does Google Ads Work?

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First things first, we will help you set up an account if you don’t have one. Next, after adequate research, we choose the keywords/phrases that are related to your products and business. Then, we write the contents of your ads with much attention to detail and also with utmost care – we want your ad to be an eye-catcher!

Now when that’s done, when your chosen keywords/phrases are searched for, your ad would appear next to the search results. And as mentioned above, since your ads are relevant to the person’s search, that’s a potential customer with a high likeliness to click on your ad.

Why Dot Com Mastermind?

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While Google Ads was fashioned to be used by anyone and everyone, it’s not really all that easy. The truth is that much knowledge about how to achieve lower Cost-Per-Clicks (CPC), higher ad rankings and better conversion rates is needed for your success story.

For one, a deep understanding of Google Ads is vital – from knowing how to set up a campaign, to making sense of the reports, using the matching options and keywords insertion creatively, to knowing the factors affecting your ads and many other things. It could make you want to pull your hair off in frustration if you don’t know the what and hows.

Besides that, you might be wasting your advertising budget if you don’t have the right knowledge about how to minimize click fraud and how to interpret the Search Query report to exclude unimportant keywords. Also, an optimized landing page for your campaign which is essential to make sure that it is relevant to the targeted keywords, gives excellent Quality Score and converts well requires HTML knowledge.

So you see, there are many reasons why you should outsource your online advertising campaigns to us – it consumes precious time which you can use for your business instead. Now that’s where we as Google Ads consultants come in – we’re here to make sure that your ad campaigns are a success so you don’t have to lift a finger.

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