How I Rank My Clients’ Sites on Google’s 1st PAGE, and Even 1st SPOT!

Not all website designers are multi-skilled. I for example, and don’t want to boast about it, love Google optimization and SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) ranking. So I did whatever it takes to learn the basics like reading books, going to seminars, buying the latest products, and at the same time, I do the same […]

How I Handle My Customer Service Like a Pro, and the Reasons Why I Get Repeat Business

I have a “confession” to make, and I want it to be read by both my clients as well as by the skilled web designer who is struggling to get customers coming back for more business. The truth is that offering low pricing and providing quality work is not the reason why most web designers […]

The 6 Silly Mistakes Web Designers Make When Dealing With Clients, Which Affects You From Getting Repeat Business

I like talking with other freelance web designers from time to time, and way too often I see them committing the same mistakes over and over again. In this article I’ll briefly share some of the most critical blunders web designers make with their customers (including client miscommunication before, during and after project delivery, deadline, […]

The Top 4 Web Design Elements to Include on Your Website to Ensure Repeat Traffic & Clients

Your website’s main objective should be to provide visitors with content in the form of tips, articles and interviews. Content marketing sells! This article talks about the four key “web design” elements which to equip your blog or website with, which builds the mechanism to attracting repeat traffic and clients. 1. Header (Logo + USP) […]

The Top 7 Web Design Elements to Include on Your E-Commerce Site, or End Up Getting Fewer Orders and Less Profit

Want to generate more E-Commerce sales? Here are a few things to be aware of… First of all, your website not only needs to look amazing and user-friendly, but also convert those visitors into orders, multiple orders. How high is your standard? How high do you want to grow? After working with hundreds of clients […]