Where Can I Get Daily Returns On My Bitcoin?

This revenue sharing opportunity is brought to you by a new and as of yet relatively unknown company, known as USI-Tech.

USI-Tech’s official business registration certificate. Nice to know it’s actually a real company. Click for a bigger version.

Their main business is building and selling Forex trading software.

As an additional service, they are letting you and me ride along on their revenue generating activities.

Through decades of effort, USI has perfected its portfolio of lucrative cryptocoin/Forex activities:

  • Automated trading
  • Manual trading
  • Mining
  • Forex
  • Etc.

Your Bitcoin will basically be riding along on their profitable activities, and they aim to generate around 1% per business day for you.

I don’t expect you to be a math genius, so let me lay it out for you plain and simple:

When something increases by a fixed percentage time and time again, it grows exponentially!

And that’s why this opportunity is so powerful.

To get 1% daily returns is an awful amount of returns to be collecting.

Most banks won’t even give you 4% per year.

How Does This Opportunity Work?

With USI, you get to buy so called packages at €50 worth of Bitcoin each.

These packages then go on to give you 40% ROC.

This means a package will turn into 140% of its own value: €50 packages turn into €70 packages.

USI will attempt to give you 1% returns per day, which will work out to a package run time of 140 business days.

In reality, the daily returns percentage is slightly lower.

This means that, in practice, your packages will run somewhere around 149 days (assuming a realistic, daily returns percentage of 0.9455%.

The packages are paying you out every business day.

You can either withdraw this Bitcoin (not recommended!), or you can use it to auto-rebuy more packages (highly recommended!).

The latter option will set you on a smooth exponential curve to your early Bitcoin retirement.

You can also withdraw a part of your Bitcoin and have another part of your Bitcoin rebuy packages.

I do not recommend withdrawing as long as your capital hasn’t grown to proportions that you, personally, consider to be significant.

You’ll slow your exponential growth in doing so, essentially taking the axe to your own future wealth.

Let 100% of your generated Bitcoin go towards rebuying more packages!

You’ll basically be watching your capital grow exponentially without any effort on your part whatsoever.

Note that this 1% per day does not mean this is a so called HYIP scam or money game that promises >7000% APY.

Your packages expire and need to be rebought.

Why Can’t This Be Done With Fiat Money, Rather Than Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is cryptocoin, and cryptocoin is set to take over the world.

I know this; you know this.

Otherwise, you wouldn’t even be reading this page.

There can be at most 21 million Bitcoins.

There are currently 16 million in circulation, with the rest being mined until 2140!

These things are scarce, and the demand is only going to go up, up, up!

Bitcoin has gone from $0.0025 shortly after release, to $1,000 and beyond at the time of writing.

This is a whopping 400,000x increase in value!

And the thing is… hardly anybody knows about Bitcoin yet.

Just wait until Bitcoin truly starts taking over the world.

That >$1,000  BTC is worth at the time of writing, will seem like a joke!

Make the smart decision now and you are set to join the club of early bird action takers who are going to live out their lives doing whatever they want!

This is your chance to retire on Bitcoin in only a few years from now.

What Happens If Bitcoin Goes Up?

Then you will be automatically rebuying more packages.

You’ll boost your already impressive exponential growth curve into high gear.

Imagine, if you will, that 1 BTC is €1,000, putting 0.05 BTC at €50.

Let’s say your active packages generate around 0.05 BTC on a daily basis.

This buys you precisely 1 new package per day!

But let’s say that 1 BTC goes to €2,000 in the time being.

Your active packages are still generating you around 0.05 BTC at this point.

But that very same 0.05 BTC is now worth more and will buy you 2 new packages!

If you’ve been following the Bitcoin news, you’ll realize that this is very likely to happen.

What Happens If Bitcoin Goes Down?

The opposite.

You’ll be rebuying fewer packages.

However, you’ll never lose your amount of Bitcoin.

And if Bitcoin goes back up, you’ll become wealthy all the same.

Once again, imagine 0.05 BTC is precisely €50.

That’s enough to rebuy 1 new package per day.

Let’s say Bitcoin crashes and 1 BTC becomes worth €50.

You’ll now take 20 days to rebuy one single package.


This one single package still goes on to multiply itself by 1.4x.

In other words: the 1 BTC you now have wrapped up in that single package, still becomes 1.4 BTC over the package’s run time.

And should the price of Bitcoin go back up to what it was, then you’ll still have made the same amount of wealth as you would’ve without a Bitcoin crash.

You’ll only lose if Bitcoin crashes and never recovers.

And if you think it will, then you most definitely should not make use of this opportunity!

You can also lose money by buying Bitcoin high, putting it herein, and selling it as soon as it has a temporary crash.

But then again, if you’re one of those people who buys high and sells low… then even Bitcoin can’t save you.

The TL;DR version is that you should see this as a long term commitment.

And with Bitcoin moving as fast as it does, “long term” means only a few years, so it’s not so bad.

Can I See Proof That This Works?

Right here:

Daily payouts for one of my many packages.

I wake up to these passive profits every day.

This could be your new normal, too.

Can I Really Become A Billionaire With This Opportunity?

The simulation seems to suggest so… but probably not.

Sure… the power of exponential growth is phenomenal!

However, you also have to be realistic!

The simulation shows that with €10,000 rebuying for 10 years, you’ll make a billion.

Let’s think about that…

Let’s say that, ~10 years from now, Bitcoin as conquered the world and 1 BTC is now worth a whopping €500,000 (as some predict).

If you have one Billion, then you’ll have 2,000 Bitcoins.

Let’s say that there are 17 Million Bitcoins in circulation 10 years from now.

Then how many people can hold 2,000 Bitcoins?

The answer is 17 Million / 2,000 = 8,500 people.

So it would mean that a mere 8,500 people were holding the entire Bitcoin economy in their hands.

That can’t happen, as the Bitcoin economy would be stagnant and you wouldn’t really have a Bitcoin economy at all.

Unless ofcourse all these USI-Bitcoin retirees would spend huge amounts after cashing out, sending it back into the Bitcoin economy.

If everybody on the planet would jump into this opportunity, pretty soon all Bitcoin would be tied up into this opportunity, thereby destroying the Bitcoin economy and making it worthless.

We, collectively, won’t let that happen… market forces and all that.

So no, you probably won’t make a Billion.

Nothing scales up forever.

The point that I’m trying to make, is that I’m sure some market force will step in and prevent us from becoming Billionaires with small financial commitments, in merely a decade.

What market force that will be, I don’t know.

Your guess is as good as mine.

But I do know this

You can easily make a couple of Millions in a couple of years with this opportunity.

You can then commit your easily earned Bitcoin to other cryptocoin opportunities!

I know I am.

So join me, already.

All it takes is a measly €50 to get your feet wet.

Have You Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is?

I sure have!

I have dropped ~€10,000 on it myself, which bought me ~200 packages.

An overview of my packages. I purchased ~200 of them myself at an average of around €1,000 per BTC. The rest are rebuy packages.

I’m going to let this run for at least 3 years.

Is This A Pyramid Scam / Ponzi Scheme?

Not as far as I can tell.

If it is, I’d love to find out.

And when I do, I’ll be sure to let you know.

I’m just a normal guy like you, who would love to get his financial situation in order for the rest of his life.

I just wanna be done with work-for-pay, so that I can get to the more pressing matters in life: work-for-passion!

I don’t know about you… but I’m willing to take a shot at that, even if that means risking an amount I’m willing to lose.

I’m currently seeing my Bitcoin increase by ~1% every business day.

You’ll make cash o’ plenty without recruiting so much as a single soul.

Due to having a referral mechanism, this is an MLM (multi level marketing) opportunity.

Most MLM companies suck, because you won’t make a dime unless you refer many others.

You’ll make crap loads of Bitcoin, even if you never recruit a single soul yourself.

So you see, while it is MLM… the lion’s share of your earnings will come from simply getting a darn good ROC of ~1% every business day on your very own capital.

Therefore, this is most certainly not a pyramid/ponzi scheme.

And you can start out with a mere €50.

What kind of a risk is that?

You can either just hold on to your Bitcoin, or you can actually make it do something by having it run for years on end.

And thanks to the 2FA (2 factor authentication) security that USI offer, you can rest assured that your Bitcoin will be perfectly safe!

I’ve gone through great lengths to make it very clear to you how it works.

And I hope you appreciate that I’m being so transparent about everything.

As a reward for making it this far into the page, kindly accept this quick tip for managing your risk with this opportunity:

Only about 1 year after your initial financial commitment, you’ll be able to withdraw a portion of your generated Bitcoin that is equal to your initial financial commitment.

You’ll break even really quickly and take away all risk!

In the meantime, you’ll let the rest of your generated Bitcoin go on to turn itself into a couple of Millions.

Play it smart and you won’t be able to lose on this opportunity.

Now that’s clever! 😉

Can I Actually Withdraw From This?

Yes, daily.

Watch these screenshots, which demonstrates a withdrawal from the account.

A withdrawal popup from the USI-Tech member area.


The withdrawal confirmed. Note that the receive address is the same as the one in the previous image.

Why EUR And Not USD?

The founders of USI are from Sweden, Portugal and Germany, all of which are in Europe.

If you’re from the USA (or any other country for that matter) and prefer to pay in USD, then I recommend you simply decide on an amount of USD that you want to commit.

Whichever amount of €50 packages this just so happens to buy given the current USD/EUR exchange rate, is what you’ll have to be content with.

Besides… your initial financial commitment doesn’t matter much.

Even a single €50 package turns into a few millions if you just wait long enough.

Get your feet wet and let exponential growth take over in due time.

How Large Should My Financial Commitment Be?

I’m not exactly a greedy asshole trying to bilk my referrals (you) for as much as I can.

I’m not going to tell you to take out a second mortgage for this.

I’m not looking to become the next Rockefeller.

I hate the establishment and am merely hoping we will all retire off this opportunity in a matter of years.

So… how large should your commitment be?

It should be the same size as with any other commitment you have made in the past or will make in the future:

  1. Small enough that you won’t get hit too hard, should catastrophe strike.
  2. Big enough that it will generate a return on capital that you, subjectively, deem significant relative to what you already have.

Make up your mind once and for all about what you want to commit and then commit it right away.

Then let it ride for a couple of years.

Even a mere €50 has the potential to grow big, not even taking Bitcoin’s future price increases into account.

Anybody can afford to take a shot at this.

Can I Talk To You Before I Dive In?

Sure, you can DM me on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/benjamintan1/

I’m Convinced, How Can I Get Started?

If you are currently a Bitcoin newbie, first you will have to learn how to buy, sell, send & receive Bitcoin.

In order to get started on your early Bitcoin retirement, you’ll have to buy some Bitcoin and send it over to USI so they can give you an increasing number Bitcoin packages in return.

Without further ado… here’s the step-by-step quick start tutorial.

1. Sign Up For An Account

Click for bigger picture.

First you’ll have to register for a free account.

You can register your free account here.

You’ll be asked to confirm your account via email, etc.

2. Provide “ID”

Apparently, as of June 2017, an “ID” will be requested of you when first signing up.

This is supposed to be the document number of your ID, passport or driver’s license.

USI-Tech has plans to let people authenticate themselves with a photo of them holding their ID, passport, or driver’s license next to their face, in order to combat money laundering, etc.

They are offering a financial product/service, after all.

At the time of writing, you may optionally upload such authentication.

But this is, however, not enforced as of yet!

Your account will likely work fine if you don’t provide a authentication.

3. Turn On Auto Rebuy Packages

Once you have logged into your account, the first thing you must do is ensure that you put yourself on a course of exponential growth.

Re-buying packages must be done automatically each and every day in order to build your Bitcoin retirement.

Just leave it to 100% and leave it there for a couple of years.

At least until you know what you’re doing.

For optimal results, turn auto rebuy ON, set it to 100% and click Update.

4. Buy Packages

Click for bigger picture.

Go to Shop in the left sidebar menu and click on PURCHASE.

You will now be presented with 2 Bitcoin wallet payment options and 2 regular payment options.

You can ignore the AVAILABLE COMMISSION BALANCE option for the time being.

The regular payment options, 2Pay4You and Payza, are just like other payment processors such as PayPal.

Via these options, you can simply send EUR and receive BTC packages.

They are regular payments as you’ve always known them.

Choose one of these if you just so happen to have funds on either of these.

Click here for a Step-by-Step Guide for the Purchase of the BTC Packages.

5. Alternatively: Buy Packages Using Bitcoin

Don’t be afraid or ashamed if you are new to Bitcoin.

We all were at some point.

If you have never done anything with Bitcoin, you’ll need a Bitcoin wallet management program.

I recommend that you use the Copay wallet, because it works well and is very user friendly.

Click here for a full tutorial on how to get started with Bitcoin using the Copay wallet.

If you are ready to pay in Bitcoin using your own Bitcoin wallet, then you will be presented with the following screens.

Step 1 – Purchase USI-Tech BTC Package using BTC Wallet -. Click for bigger picture.

Fill out the desired number of packages.

The grand total Bitcoin price appears on the screen.

Step 2 – Purchase USI-Tech BTC Package using BTC Wallet. Click for bigger picture.

You must now send Bitcoin payment to the wallet code (read: receive address) that has been generated especially for this transaction window!

Make sure to double check that you have typed in the correct amount of Bitcoin you want to send, in your Bitcoin wallet client of choice.

Should you accidentally pay too little or too much, then you will simply get the number of packages that your sent amount of Bitcoin buys.

Your account will be credited with any remaining Bitcoin that wasn’t enough to buy a package.

So you don’t have to fear losing any Bitcoin because you made an error in the transaction.

Step 3 – Purchase USI-Tech BTC Package using BTC Wallet. Click for bigger picture.

Your packages will get the full ~1% daily payout for that day (provided it’s a business day), even if your packages are purchased at the end of the day.

Congratulations, you are now on your way to becoming an early Bitcoin retiree!